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CEN Padlock Grades Explained

CEN (EN12320) Padlock Grades Explained
CEN is the abbreviation for Central European Norm. It was introduced to establish a standard for padlocks, to enable the customer and insurers to compare lock models in order to make selection of the correct lock for the risk in hand.
There are 6 grades (or levels) within the CEN grading system from low risk CEN Grade 1 to CEN Grade 6 for high risk, maximum security applications. Insurers usually only recommend grades of CEN Grades 4-6 locks for high security applications. Grades 1-3 locks are generally used for low risk applications
  • GRADE 1 - Low security (internal use) 
  • GRADE 2 - Standard Security (internal use - PL321)
  • GRADE 3 - Medium Security  (PL330, PL341)
  • GRADE 4 - High Security (PL340, PL342)
  • GRADE 5 - Extra High Security (PL350)
  • GRADE 6 - Maximum Security  (PL362)
Look for the following CEN logos:


A padlock which does not conform to any CEN grades, has either not been tested, or has failed the tests. 
Always select CEN Graded padlocks where possible as insurers accept them as the more secure option.